Georgios Giannikis

Dr. Sc. ETH Zurich
Msc. ETH Zurich
Dipl. Ing. ECE Patras


Hagenholzstrasse 62
CH-8050 Zurich

Curriculum Vitae

Short Bio

I am a consulting member of technical staff in Oracle Labs since 2014, working on project RAPID. Project RAPID involves the design and implementation of both software and hardware components in order to improve the performance and energy efficiency of database processing systems. The goal of the project is better performance and lower energy consumption by at least one order of magnitude over today's solutions. As part of RAPID, I worked on the software side, designing and implementing high performance algorithms for efficient data processing.

I received my PhD from ETH Zurich in June 2014. During my PhD studies, I was part of the Systems Group working under the supervision of Prof. Gustavo Alonso and Prof. Donald Kossmann. The main topic of my PhD was work sharing data processing systems. During my PhD I developed from scratch a fully blown database system, SharedDB. This includes a data storage layer, a query processing engine including all SQL defined operators, a transactional layer with ACID guarantees and a global query optimizer. The overall system has a 2x to 5x better performance compared to popular, commercial database systems, while running the full set of well known benchmarks (i.e. TPC-H, TPC-W, TPC-C).

Prior to becoming a PhD student, I received my Msc on Computer Science from ETH Zurich in 2009. My master thesis was part of the implementation of a distributed main-memory data management system. In 2006 I received my Diploma on Electrical and Computer Engineering from University of Patras, Greece.



Teaching Experience

During my PhD studies, I was a teaching assistant in the following Computer Science courses: